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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What makes CREVIER Sales & Leasing the best place to get my vehicle of choice?

Answer: CREVIER Sales & Leasing has the ability to aquire any vehicle of your choice no matter what make or model. It doesn't matter if you lease or purchase. We have built relationships with several dealers of all makes and models. Because of these relationships we are able to provide you with competitive pricing as well as all of the benefits that CREVIER has to offer.

Question: What are my options when it comes to financing or leasing my new vehicle?

Answer: CREVIER Sales & Leasing is able to help you whether you decide to finance or lease. Our experienced sales staff understands all aspects of leasing and financing transactions. Our experienced sales staff will be able to give you as much information you need in order to make an informed decision for your individual financing needs.

Question: Does CREVIER Sales & Leasing take Trade in vehicles?

Answer: Yes. CREVIER Sales and leasing has a staff of fully trained professional apprasiers that will give you top value for your trade in vehicle.

Question: What are the incentives for me to purchase my vehicle from CREVIER Sales & Leasing?

Answer: Because of the relationships that we have built with numerous dealers in the area we are able to get you the most competitive pricing for the vehicle that you choose. We can also offer any manufacture incentive or specials that are being offered on the vehicle. Not to metion all of the preferred customer benefits that CREVIER Sales & Leasing has to offer.